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Nouvelle Studio

In the beginning of 2020 I decided to turn into reality a big aspiration of mine: having my own private studio. It wasn't exactly the best timing to do it because...well let's be honest: 2020 did us dirty!

 But I'm still really proud of this step I took and how the space turned out.

Weirdly enough, I've opened my second studio (read: moved) to a bigger space at the end of 2021. It's in Hackney Downs and it makes me happy.


The Space

My goal as a tattoo artist and as a person is to be able to impact people and the world around me in the most positive way possible.

Being queer myself I know how seemingly easy interactions for non-queer people can quickly become anxiety inducing, or just plain uncomfortable for those who don't fit the binary.

So I decided to create a space that is comfortable and welcoming to everyone.

A space where people who might feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the more "traditional" tattoo studios can feel safe and be themselves. No judgment.


The Supplies

Something that is also important to me is to be mindful of my environmental footprint, and to always try to be as sustainable as possible.

For that reason I use all vegan inks, creams and any products that will come in contact with the skin.

I mostly use plastic free alternatives (whenever they are available as a swap and won't compromise the highly hygienic standard necessary for tattooing) .

These supplies are made of plant based plastics that are bio-degradable and compostable, paper, or metal.

This drastically reduces the amount of plastic waste I produce in each tattoo, but there's definitely still space for improvement.

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