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Healing Process

The correct healing of your new tattoo will be as important for the final result as the work I've put into making it.

It's a 50/ 50 effort, so once you leave the studio you'll be responsible for taking care of it and making sure it heals as best as possible.

  • A natural neutral soap (scent and dye free like Dr. Bronner’s baby unscented soap). I have some Faith in Nature natural scent free soap available at the studio for purchase if you forget to get some beforehand/ can’t find any. (£2 each)

  • Coconut oil (any coconut oil will do as long as it's 100% coconut oil), argan oil or cocoa butter.

What you'll need to take care of your tattoo

How to care for your tattoo

  • Keep the plastic on for 12 to 24h - it's ok if it falls before that, just remove it earlier, don't try to stick it back on because if it fell it's probably because the area is too moist, so it's better to remove it. Moisture is an enemy of your new tattoo as it helps bacterial growth.

  • Remove the plastic in the shower with the help of some lukewarm water. Peel it off slowly.

  • Wash the tattoo with plenty of tepid water, then lather with some soap and rinse well. Make sure to wash away all the gooey bits off the tattoo. Don't be scared to wash it properly, just do it gently and don't force any stubborn bits off.

  • Tap dry with some towel paper and let it air dry for about 15 to 20 minutes

  • When it's completely dry spread a small amount of coconut oil over it, enough to moisturise it but not too much.

  • Repeat the washing and moisturising process 2 or 3 times a day for the first 3 days. 

  • After the first 3 days you will notice that the skin is getting dryer, itchy and starting to flake off. Don't scratch it or pull the skin off let it fall naturally.

  • At this point you won't need to wash it as often, once a day will do, but you will need to apply the coconut oil more often. Whenever you feel like it needs moisturising apply some coconut oil, it will help with the itchiness as well.

  • It will take about a month at least for the tattoo to be completely healed.

Things to be mindful of during the healing process

The day of the tattoo:

  • No drinking alcohol on the day of the tattoo (either before or after). And ideally abstain from drinking alcohol the day before as well.

  • Drink plenty of water and take it easy the next couple of days.

  • Apply some frozen peas or ice rolled on a tea towel to the area, over the plastic.

For the first 3 weeks:

  • No swimming/ soaking in swimming pools/ jacuzzis/ sea/ saunas for at least 3 weeks

  • No exercise for 2 weeks (and if you do any activities that make you sweat always wash your tattoo straight after).

  • No direct sunlight for at least 3 weeks - after that always wear sunscreen, this it's very important. Otherwise the ink might burn and change colour / spread out etc. (Do a patch test with sunscreen the first time you want to use it just to see if the skin will react, sometimes the tattoo looks healed but it's not completely healed yet.)

  • If your tattoo is on an area that bends a lot (crook of the elbow/ knee pit etc) be mindful of not bending it too much for the first 3 or 4 days as it can make the lines spread. ( I know it's a difficult ask).

  • Also if your tattoo is in an area that bends and touches another area (forearm that folds onto the arm) always wash the area it touches as well, as that area might be dirty and get the tattoo contaminated.

  • While the tattoo is healing don't use any other soaps or creams on it other than the ones I've recommended.

For the rest of your life:

  • Always wear sunscreen when exposed to sunlight

  • Moisturise whenever you feel like it. Moisturised skin is more translucent so your tattoo will look brighter if your skin is moisturised.

  • Enjoy your tattoo!

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